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I smell the freshly cut grass, hear songs of the birds, I feel the smooth concave keys beneath my fingertips and hear the clicking noise as I type. My attention is drawn inside the house as I hear our grandfather clock that belonged to my husband's grandfather and this prompts me to listen to the ticking of the watch on my wrist.

As I lift my face to the sky, I feel the sun and the breeze as it gently blows. I see the multitude of colors of the pansies I planted a week ago and the herbs in another pot. As I reach over and explore the various herbs the sage is fuzzy, the chives are tall, thin, and pointy on the end. I tear a bit of basil and enjoy the sweet smell and taste the freshness. I am reminded of the Pizza we ate in Naples about 10 years ago. That memory warms my heart, and; it actually makes it feel really full as if it takes up a bit more space in my chest.

It is time to go change as I am meeting a friend - but it feels good to have spent a few moments in the now.

I am here and I know I am here.


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