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Meditation … to begin again

I am sitting here on my sofa (yes an old word for couch even older would be davenport) with my buddy Winston, who you can now find at: and I am given another opportunity to ... begin again. It is not of my choosing but then it often isn't when we are given the opportunity to … begin again. Someone I partnered with to bring Mindfulness to the Park through South Whitehall's Parks and Recreation has accepted a new job and will be moving on. She was a wonderful advocate for the Mindfulness program and worked diligently with me to get it off the ground. I will begin again with a new relationship with her replacement unsure if the program will be embraced in the same way - but hopeful.

If I am honest with you, when I found out about Page leaving I had to use a bit of RAIN (recognize, allow, investigate, nurture) to get me through. I recognized I was sad, frustrated, fearful, and feeling unsure of my ability to discern what my next step should be; and, if I am truthful I worried if anyone would be willing to listen. And then this morning when my daily meditation was "to allow room for feelings" I knew the universe was right in step with me. So more consciously I again recognized my feeling and this time allowed some more room for them and it was then I was able to recognize hope. While investigating those feelings the first emotions were quite restricting both cognitively, and physically while hope was a bit more expansive. So now, in this go around, when I asked what that space what it most needed most?(part of investigate) I received an interesting answer. The reply was "... space to get it right or wrong and to keep my feet moving." That leads me into nurture. When my husband tried to be nurturing last night when he said, without missing a beat "you will put on your most bubbly self and go in introduce yourself to the new guy and sell the program." At that point I wasn't quite ready to hear it, but today after letting myself RAIN ON IT a bit more I am ready!

Often I think of one of the Mindfulness instructors Bob Stahl who was a Buddhist monk at one point. I met him at my first residency in training to teach Mindfulness. He explained The 3 marks of existence, in an updated version " (1) shit happens (2) it isn't personal (3) nothing lasts forever." Good words to live by.

So on to the next adventure where to next? Who needs a bit of Mindfulness in their day?


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