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Mindfulness … where to now?

I will begin where I left off … on my quest to figure out where to go next with my teaching? The question that I ask myself over and over is this one. Who needs a bit of Mindfulness if their day? And who is willing to spend a bit of their resources both time and money to obtain the skills to bring Mindfulness into their everyday life? My average mindfulness training comes to $15/hr which is the cost of a drop in yoga class or lunch out with a friend. And yet, many find it difficult to put themselves on the schedule with family, work, and other responsibilities pulling in every direction.

There are so many places to incorporate Mindfulness into our lives. Perhaps this new part of my adventure will lead me to bring Mindfulness to Corporate America. I have added Mindfulness to the Workplace to my website you can check it out here Reach suggests Mindfulness increases creativity, focus, and reduces staff turnover by reducing overall stress, allowing us to recognize it isn't so much what is happening to us but how we are responding that impacts the quality of our lives - both personal and professional.

Perhaps I will branch out into the school districts to bring Mindfulness to the parents of the children that are learning about Mindfulness through their guidance program. Parkland has introduced Mindfulness to their kindergarten program and maybe I can support their efforts by bringing mindfulness to the teachers, counselors, and parents so they might be able to model the program the children have learned.

A local colleague Shonda Moralis wrote the book The Mindful Mama and has another book coming out in October. There is certainly a need for mindfulness in parenting. Here is a video that has three short mindful meditation exercises for children and fun for parents too. I would invite you to grab a stuffed animal for you and your child and give it a try. mindful exercises for children.

Or, maybe I will begin working with the veterans at the VA just down the street from me since Mindfulness has been found to be helpful for veterans who struggle with depression, anxiety and most importantly PTSD. In the Mindful Warrior project they have embraced Mindfulness for the veterans and families of veterans who have returned home after serving our country

The direction I am taking is unclear but I know that as many times as it takes I will begin again and again and find my place to teach Mindfulness because it brings me such joy and gratitude to share it with others. I had a neighbor who spoke of feeling filled with gratitude after she performed Rekik on someone. I never quite knew what she meant until I started teaching Mindfulness. Perhaps gratitude is that invisible connection that exists between all of us.

So as I circle back to the beginning … there are a lot of wonderful beginnings in life and with each of them comes a bit of excitement and a bit of uneasiness about the unknown. One of my favorite sayings is "everything will be ok in the end and if it is not ok it is not the end. So for my readers I wish for you many sweet beginnings and the knowledge that if things aren't going so well … take a moment, a breath and … begin again.


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