The Mindfulness class offered by Dr. Deb taught me the essential tools needed to naturally reduce my stress and anxiety levels.  I found her classes to be very rewarding , and for me, a better alternative to prescription medications.

- Richard

I've always struggled to calm my thinking, let go of the past, and not worry about the future.  Through my mindfulness training, my thoughts are more in control, I sleep better, and have more positive energy.  I learned the tools needed to live my best life.

- Ann

Debra is pure light.  She is patient, kind, and wise - she is also fun and engaging.  The (mindfulness) tools will always be at my disposal and there's a sense of freedom now that didn't exist before.

- C

Dr. Deb's Mindfulness class is a revelation.  She teaches us to take that ever important pause and pay attention again.  She teaches us to not judge the world or ourselves and to be kind to ourselves.  Her soothing voice leading us through the different meditations and creates a tranquil, safe place to carve out time and make ourselves a priority.



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